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Two versions of the module are available, each having different connectors - you will need to know which type you need.


In theory, this can be determined by using the turntable's serial number, but this is by no means a 100% reliable method.


Fortunately, you can easily determine which version you need simply by removing the slipmat / rubber mat from the platter:



1/  Rotate the platter so that a finger hole is lined up over the voltage selector's white label, as shown in the left hand photos.


     Depending on the age of your deck, the label printing will be red or black - the 110V and 220V arrows, should be just visible.


     Some US turntables do not have a voltage selector - position the right finger hole so it points to the top of the pitch slider scale.



2/  Looking down the right hand finger hole, you will see a plastic connector with coloured wires - it will be black or white.


     You can then confidently pick the correct version for your turntable  -   a revTech 1200-BLK  or  revTech 1200-WHT  

Position a platter finger hole over the voltage selector as shown

Look down the right hand hole to determine the connector colour






BLACK connector






revTech 1200-BLK

WHITE connector






revTech 1200-WHT

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