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The revTech 1200 adds an on-demand reverse option to the Technics SL-1200 and SL-1210 series of turntables.


Technics have never implemented this option on their turntables - even the MK5 LTD edition lacks this facility.


This compact unit can be fitted by just about anyone. As no modifications are made, any warranty is unaffected.


Microprocessor controlled and fully plug-and-play, it can be be installed in just a few minutes.




Easy to follow fitting instructions are supplied with detailed colour photographs illustrating each step of the installation.


As no physical alterations are made to your turntable, the module can be unistalled as quickly and easily as it is fitted.


The only item required to fit one to your deck, is a small Philips / Pozidrive screwdriver to remove the plastic dust cover.





       Create exciting and unique mixes, with the ability to include beatmatched reverse drum riffs and looped patterns.


        Fade in from lead-out (the end bars of a track) into break-points of a second track, playing on your other deck.


        Discover hidden lyrics, messages and vocal passages in classic tracks, with perfect clarity and pitch.


        Produce in real-time, your own distinct breakbeat effects and tricks, beat-mixing or punching them into a live track.




To learn more about the different operating modes, visit the Operation page.

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