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Reverse mode can be engaged while the platter is stationary or while it is spinning - ie whilst playing a track.


To toggle switch between forward and reverse, press the start-stop switch for more than one second.


This may not seem long, but in normal use you only press the start-stop switch for a fraction of this time.



Visual notification



When in reverse the 33 or 45 RPM speed switch LED's which are usually lit steadily will blink twice a second.


This is your visual cue that the turntable is in reverse mode - essential to know when the platter is stationary.





              Forwards                                                                   Reverse                  





Audio notification



This feature is very useful if you are playing or practising in the home or a less noisy enviroment.


To toggle audio notification mode on and off, tap the start-stop switch very briefly - you will hear a short 'beep'.


When changing direction from forward to reverse direction,  two tones will be heard in quick succesion :   ----   ----


Conversley, when changing the platter direction from reverse to forward, a single long tone will be heard :   --------


By default audio notification is off when the turntable is switched on - the sounder can be removed if  not required.

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